We work on developing educational, health and environmental programs that will enhance quality of life in Ezbet Khairalla through our different committees. Please click on each to read more:


Once we started working in Ezbet Khairalla, the residents made it clear that the most important issue was dealing with waste, whether solid waste or liquid waste (sewage).


In an effort to address the health requirements of the residents of Ezbet Khairalla, we provide medical caravans on a regular basis that serve between 650 to 750 residents every month.


We have established a pilot program for improving the standards of day care centers for preschoolers by teaching teachers as well as mothers basic child development, safety, general health, and personal hygiene.


Peace & Plenty has been encouraging and acting as facilitator the resoration project currently being undertaken by the Ministry of Antiquities on some of the deteriorated monuments of historical significance in Ezbet Khairalla.

Fundraising & Events

Apart from individual donations, fundraising is the most effective way for us to raise funds. To date, we have had 3 major events that have enabled us to finance our major projects.